Bells and Whistles…er…I mean Bells and Bells

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A Bicycle Bell is a must on every mountain bike out there!

I’ve got one of these bad boys installed on my single speed Sette Reken. Basically I needed a bell and I was also feenin’ to thumb some shifters…so I mounted my bell upside down on the right side to give me my fix while I’m riding. But I’m also warning runners, hikers and other mountain bikers that I am approaching them.

On my beefy bike, I have a small Kona Cowbell that Moe got me….mmm…5 years ago? That thing is super loud and people either love it or hate it.

So do yourself, and the people on the trail a favor, get a bell. It helps avoid some nasty crashes and confrontations.

RL Policar

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4 thoughts on “Bells and Whistles…er…I mean Bells and Bells

  1. i read one of your articles a while back on the cowbell, so now my son and i both sport little cowbells on our seats. we sound like goats running through the singletrack but they are effective and you don’t have to think about them, they just work.

  2. Cowbells rule, no need to fiddle with the trigger of a bell, which in my opinion is far more annoying than a cowbell.

  3. I also followed your lead after watching one of your videos. I went to the local sporting goods store and found two small “cowbells” for around $1. Normally they are used for putting at the end of a fishing pole to signal a bite. I clip them on my Camelbak and never give it a second thought.

    I have had a lot of posers sneer and remark about my bells being “gay”, but I haven’t had and head-ons with bikers or hikers since I got em. Besides, the chicks dig em!

  4. Yep. The chicks dig them! And they’re great for intimidating the competition out in the races. Hehehe. All they hear is my bells coming up behind them and it sounds like I am going warp speed or something b/c they’ll slow down and move to the side so i can pass them up. ;D

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