I got me some new shoes…

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I recently purchased some new mountain biking shoes from Pricepoint.com. Yes I actually bought them…we don’t get everything for free!

Sette Excel MTB Shoes
sette shoes


Sette Excel MTB Shoe – Enhanced Riding Performance

The Sette Excel MTB Shoe is a lightweight shoe that provides riders with enhanced riding performance. Made rugged for MTB use where it matters including: cooling breathable mesh, reinforced heel cup, rugged sole and two hook and loop straps. The Excel has an aggressive gripping outsole that includes toe studs and is SPD compatible.

I got it for $29.99! Not bad eh? I’ve already installed my SPD cleats and the toe studs for extra grip. I’ll make sure to report on how the shoe handles the trails…I still can’t get over how affordable it is!

RL Policar

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