Sette Rival Mountain Biking Shoes-Long Term Review

I’ve had these shoes for over 1.5 years. Long story short, they have never torn, broke or malfunctioned on me during that time.
sette rival shoes

What first got my attention about these shoes was its style. They look like a pair of skater shoes or like Vans. I wasn’t a big fan of traditional cycling shoes that had all the buckles and shinny leather/plastic straps all over. The laces and one big strap, color and style made it the perfect fit for my taste and riding style.

Wore the Sette Rival shoes during the 24 Hours of Fullerton.
sette rival

Another aspect of the shoes that caught my attention was the price. At the time I got them, Pricepoint.com was selling them for $25. One and a half years later, they are still priced at $25. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

Sette Rival are great for hiking the bike!

Right before these shoes, I owned a pair of $70 Specialized shoes. They had the plastic stiffy soles, and the strap broke after one year. How do I like the Sette Rival compared to my old Specialized shoes? I like them WAY better. For one, they do flex a bit. But only enough to help you walk up a steep hill. I love the full rubber soles. That means less chances of me slipping on smooth surfaces and they provide a great grip when I’m walking over rocks.

Great for jumping.

I used to commute to work and hated to bring another pair of shoes to change into. But with the Sette Rivals, I can actually keep wearing them through out the day because unlike traditional cycling shoes, they soles are level, not elevated on the ball of your feet. I can actually walk normally with these rather than walking around as if I just had my toe nails done.

…and for breaking your fall…

How’s the quality of these shoes?

As much abuse as I’ve put them through, I’d say its high quality. The anodized rubber and suede portions of the shoes have been in water, sand, rocks, snow and in the office. The shoes hasn’t shown any signs of wear other than the the laces starting to fray. The velcro strap is still strong. The cleats have never come off, nor have they moved since I’ve installed them.

The Sette Rival shoes feel like a regular pair of sneakers, but a bit heavier. Like I mentioned, I used to wear these shoes in the office right after a commute. What’s great about these shoes too are the fact that I can keep them on after the ride to drive home or if we head out to Farmer Boys for breakfast after a ride.

Buy these shoes! You can’t go wrong for a $25 pair of shoes! They’ve lasted a while with no breakage what so ever. You will not be disappointed with the Sette Rival Shoes.