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The Evomo crew are basically the bad boys of mountain biking. Rock Racing may hold the bad boy image for road racing, but for mountain biking, no one captures it like Evomo. So what makes Evomo so B/A? Well it starts off with some pretty sweet product and a couple swigs of JD. You may have seen the interview already that showcased their new 08 product line, but I wanted to feature a few more products that was really cool and you should definitely get.

This is the 3D shirt…yup 3D! You also get a pair of 3D glasses when you buy it. Being the team player that I am, I donned the 3D eyewear to see if this shirt lives up to its purpose…
evomo 3d shirt
Here’s a shot of me tripping out on this shirt! It really does pop out at you.

Here’s another 3Dish product, its their new hats. Bryan Thombs, Mastermind of Evomo actually gave us some for the show.

Now I don’t know if this is available to anyone other than cool people and team members, but this jersey is super cool. Here’s Bryan showing it off.

Oh did you see this…oh hey, who’s logo is that? Oh whut? No way! It’s the logo! Now that’s B/A!
evomo team jersey
Moe has one and I know its one of his favorite jerseys!

So if you’re curious about any of the products you’ve seen, feel free to hit up and order stuff. Don’t worry we don’t get commission or anything like that. We just like Evomo and their products.

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3 thoughts on “More Evomo Bad-A$$ne$$!

  1. Aw…that’s not fair — Evomo might be the “bad boyz” of MTB, but please don’t compare them with the douchenuggets at Rock Racing…that just ain’t cool!

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