I’m addicted to CraigsList.org!

I know I’m not the only one that checks out Craigslist.org every single day…I know you’re out there. I’m always on the look out for vintage bikes, I love those things! Plus it cracks me up to see some dumb ads where people think they can sell their 1995 mountain bike that is “barely ridden”…

But most of the time there’s some legit deals there and its also a great alternative to Ebay. Now they even have a way to help you get your CL Fix…RSS feeds! On the bottom of each category, you can subscribe easily. But I’m curious to know ,what kind of things are you looking for on Craigslist.org?

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  1. I do that all the time. I have all the local towns around me CL Bike section subscribed in Google Reader. I love seeing what is being sold and some of the utter crap that is being sold as well.

  2. Bikes. Look at the bikes. Once a week. I used to daily. Always a few great ones and certainly not ALWAYS a bargain.

  3. Also check out crazedlist.org It allows you to checkout multiple craigslist sites at once. A friend of mine got a masseuse on CL once. According to him it was a very happy time.

  4. Cheryl and I are looking at finding a couple of road bikes so we can get some more miles under our belt when we can’t hit the trails. We don’t know too much about road bikes and still need to figure out what size best fits us.

    I think I might of mentioned it before but we got an awesome deal on Craigslist with two Schwinn IC-Pro spin bikes in great shape for $300 a few months back. I looked at refurbished spin bikes in the past for $500-600 each. Great to have on crappy rainy days.

    People are knuckle heads on Craigslist though. I mean I’ve seen adds that say – Mens red mountain bike (period)

    How the heck are you gonna sell that dude!?!?!

  5. Some people think that old=vintage and try to charge as if people would collect some of the junk like the 1997 Carbon Y33.

  6. Hey RL,

    Go for it, I’ve already done it with the wheel from my daughters hybrid bike. I bought a used Karate Monkey fork for $25 and a used 29er tire. I thought it rode really well, hence me trying to find another wheel. I rode it on a very technical trail and thought it handled really good. It would be a fun bike to add to your stable if Priscilla would OK it.


  7. CL is kool, I got an excellent condition Velocity glider wheelset for $35, and a New Thomson seat post for $50 but yeah you have to watch what you buy.

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