Father’s Day weekend Ride Report: Solo @ El Moro and another grind up Coal Canyon

This was a fun filled weekend of riding.  I rode both days making trips to a popular Orange County trail – El Moro and my local trail – Coal Canyon.

Saturday: I headed out to El Moro bright and early for a solo ride.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been here.  Last time out w/the MtnBikeRiders’ crew, El Moro was closed due to rain.  Arriving at the Ridge Park, I noticed that the parking lot was full.   There will be a lot of hikers, joggers and mountain bikers on the trail…  I entered the park through the northwest corner which starts on a fast fireroad that descends towards a technical singletrack called Rattlesnake. 

                           On the way to Rattlesnake.

The trail was in excellent shape…   making my way out of Rattlesnake, the trail transitions into a graded-like  singletrack covered with tall plantation.  From here the fun continues as it switches from singletrack to a fast fireroad which eventually leads into Mach One – another fast descent, hence the name. 

                              Looking up from the bottom of Mach One.

I climbed up a steep fireroad called – I Think I Can.  As I reached the top there were many riders gathered at this junction.  Apparently there was the S.H.A.R.E. Poker ride which I had totally forgotten about. 

        S.H.A.R.E. Poker ride checkpoint.


       Checkpoint at the top of I Think I can; rider picking his card.

There were many faces present that I have ridden with in the past.  From here on until I exited the park, the trails were busy with participants from the Poker ride.  Overall the trail was in great shape.  There were a few sandy spots, but that’s expected.  Fun ride!  

Sunday:  I rode Coal Canyon with my co-worker/friend Val.  He lives close to me, however much closer to the trail.  I rode approximately a mile and half from my house to meet Val; from our meeting point we rode another mile and half to the trailhead.  We started at 6am to beat the heat.  Val is new to mountain biking so he wanted a crash course with what our local trails had to offer.  This would be his first ride on anything that has a consistent climbs.   

              On the way to the trailhead; paralleling the 91 fwy.


The ride was uneventful being that it’s nothing but climbs.  However, the trail did take an early toll on Val.  Within the first mile he ended up walking his bike.  This is nothing to be ashamed of as we’ve all done it and it’s a part of riding.  After a few breathers, he was able to regroup and continue to ride.  We rode up to the two mile marker and headed back down.  I was able to capture our descent through my helmet cam, however it’ll take me longer to put together a video.  

               View of Chino Hills and the San Gabriel Mtns.

Overall the weekend was great for riding.  We are heading into our summer heat so plan your rides accordingly. 

3 Replies to “Father’s Day weekend Ride Report: Solo @ El Moro and another grind up Coal Canyon”

  1. Joe,

    I bet Val would like the Fullerton Loop. That’s a great place for newbies to learn the ropes.

    Did you join the after party for the poker ride?


  2. Awesome ride report and great pics Joe… How gnarly is El Moro? Is it more technical than say, Rock It or Lynx?

  3. RL – I’ve brought him to Fullerton already. It’s fairly easy to us, but quite intimidating to him (for now). I gave him a short loop tour. He ate it after the golf course section… 🙁 he’ll be back. Maybe I’ll bring him along on a group ride with us.

    No I didnt stick around for the after party. I saw the pics though – lots of prizes.

    Moe – El Moro is an awesome ride. it’s more on the epic side of riding. Rattlesnake is the most technical portion. ya I would say it’s more techy than Rock It/Lynx. We need to plan a ride there 🙂

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