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Has the increase in gas prices changed how you get to the trail? I’ve found that I’ve been carpooling more often and have even ridden straight to the trail, if it’s close enough. I’m also using the car that gets better mpg to drive to the trailhead. What about you?

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  1. Ha, I’ve been doing the same.

    I used to pack my entire bike and gear into the truck in order to get to the trailhead which is a whopping one mile away, up a hill.

    I just ride the hill now and get more of a workout, extend my trail riding time, and save gas. I can’t believe I used to drive it.

  2. No not at all…my car runs on oxygen and adrenaline that’s been excreted from dead body builders…they have the best kind!

    We do carpool with people when we drive farther. That’s the benefit of having a 3 bike roof rack and a 4 bike trunk mount. Theoretically I can carry 7 bikes, but my car can only carry 5 people..including Priscilla and I…so really only 3, but then that means the rear passengers are going to be cramped. So only 2 more people.

  3. Even when gas prices were low you should have been riding to the trail if its close, especially if it is only one mile. A mile is a good warm up for a ride.

  4. Thanks mom! 🙂 Yes, hindsight is 20/20.

    It is surprising how much you can limit your car use if you put your mind to it.

  5. I’ve been loading the bikes into my truck, which gets very nasty miles per gallon, and driving long distances to the trail head. Now, I’m contemplating a bike rack for my wife’s sedan that’s more fuel efficient. I also work a few blocks from home and I have been walking every day to “save” my gas for weekend trips to the trails.

  6. Our friend Derek Pearson of Bike Rubbish rigs his Xtracycle into a bike-hauler and rides the 30-odd mile roundtrip to go hit some trails. That’s hardcore!

  7. I can get 4 people plus bikes and gear in my minivan without any racks. We’ve been carpooling more this way.

    My lbs had a Ford 350 Dually they used to tow their trailer. They now own a Ford escape hybrid with rear rack and roof racks. I’ve been thinking about imitating them, so I can haul 2 more people and bikes in my van.

  8. My way to the trail has not changed in a Long time! I sold my car 5 yrs ago. although I do car pool with a good friend to get to the far away trails. 10+ miles away.

  9. My neighbor is kind of the weekend warrior type and mountain bikes occasionally. He saw me one day heading off to one of our local trails (less than 5 miles away) and was baffled that I didn’t take me car.

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