Moustache March!

Yes Ladies and Gents this is the month for moustaches! MtnBikeRiders are paying tribute to the hair that grows on your upper lip.

With that said, Moe and I will be providing weekly updates on how growing our stache’s are changing our lives in ways of getting more luvin’ from our better half, enhancing our riding skills and overall quality of life just by growing some facial hair.

But first and foremost, I’d like to recognize some of the greatest men in the world that have sported a stache.

In no specific order…
1. Einstein

2.Burt Reynolds

3.Gene Shalit

4.Tom Selleck

I’ve already started to grow mine, but having some Asiany blood in me, my upper lip has a harder time growing hair than my back…

We’ll be doing weekly updates on how well the stache’s are growing and how its changing our lives so stick around, I’m sure it will get interesting…

Oh by the way, if you’re some one like Jeremy that only gets 2 long hairs on his upper lip to grow. Feel free to print out this photo below and glue it to your face, that way you don’t feel left out!

6 Replies to “Moustache March!”

  1. Moe, you should rock the big “Pancho Villa” brush moustache…that’s one badass moustache. If it was good enough for the “Robin Hood of Mexico”, it should be alright for you. Hell, that’s the ‘stache I’D love to grow if my wife didn’t hate them so much!!!

    I’m envisioning more of a Pei Mei (from Kill Bill) ‘stache for you, RL. Of course, it might take a bit more than a month to grow such a wispy masterpiece.

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