How To Bling Your Bike For Less Than $5.00

Being a B.O.B (Brother on a Budget), I’m always looking for ways to make my dollar stretch and of course, get the most of it. So one of the things I wanted to do was personalize my bike without going broke. As it is, its pretty much an RL bike…meaning its plain and simple. I did get a white chain and white bars to make it sweeter.

So here’s what I did…took my cranks off the bike. I had started this blinging process a few days ago and you can get a hint from the left arm what the cranks will look like.

I then took some $5.00 paint stripper that I bought from Wal-Mart and treated the cranks.

Once the cranks have been treated, you’ll see that almost all the paint comes right off.

I then sanded the cranks down with 2000 grit wet/dry sand paper.

Put in some elbow grease and this magical stuff called Mother’s….


Here’s the final product. I actually need to go over it with the wet dry paper and polish it up again. But since I was up until midnight doing this, I’ll save it for another day.

The cost of this project was $5.00, that was for the cost of the stripper. I already had the other stuff such as the Mother’s and paper. But if you were to go out and get all that, I figure you’d spend no more than $15.00 in making your cranks look sweet.

17 Replies to “How To Bling Your Bike For Less Than $5.00”

  1. I think you can add more ‘bling’ to your cranks if you get an ‘XTR’ sticker and place them on the cranks… Or I can sign them for you, then your will be really on the ‘bling’

  2. Nice project; gonna do it very soon to a set of cranks I just bought my wife. I’ll skip the XTR sticker [:P] but I think I’ll pick up a polishing disc to take some of the effort out of it.

  3. If you put Campagnolo on it, folks will just think you scored an Ebay win…Campy hasn’t made MTB components since the early 90s (Record OR).

  4. I’m in the middle of this project right now. I’ll post a link once I’m done. I was hoping to strip the paint off tonight, but it looks like it’ll have to sit overnight for the stripper to work. How long did it take your stripper to loosen the paint enough for removal?

  5. Aaron,

    It took less than 15 mins for all the paint to come off. Well I take that back, it still had bits of paint here and there, but that stuff I was able to sand off.

  6. Don’t wear yourself out like I did. 🙁

    So, were you able to get into all those tight crevices on the back of the spider? I hated that section the most.

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