Build Project: XC Race and Epic Machine-Update

Last week I mentioned that I’ve got another build project going on at the workshop. To refresh your memory, we basically wanted to build a bike for Priscilla that she can use for those epic rides that she enjoys, and for it to double as a race machine. So that meant that the bike had to be light enough, yet sturdy enough for this responsibility.

Let me introduce to you the KHS XC Team…that’s right folks…this frame is the TEAM issue frame that people like Melissa Buhl…um 2007 World Mountain Cross Champ rode…anyhow Wayne D. Gray, KHS VP decided to give us this frame to build up our machine once he found out our goal with the rig. Originally we wanted to work with the XC 604, but he insisted we take the XC Team, what? It’s not like I’d say no to Wayne D….

Ok so here’s some of the preliminary photos of the build project. The frame weighs around 4.5 lbs.


AL 7005 super lite w/4-bar Horst bearing linkage,
100mm travel w/Rear Shock: RockShox MC3.3 air shock
w/motion control, floodgate w/3 position switch


4 bar Horst Linkage…sweet!

7005 Aluminum frame…that means its wicked lite!

Spinner Seasons fork with lock out and FSA Orbit IS Integrated Headset.

I’ve made some more progress on the bike, so I’ll make sure I post the updates as I go.

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  1. I have a 2005 xc-604 custom built. The frame looks identical to the team frame now. It’s 7005 aluminum and it looks the same. Any knowledge on that?

    Your bike will be sweet when finished.

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