KHS XC Team Frame Update: Race Proven, Rider Approved

Priscilla has been riding the KHS XC Team Frame for about 6 months and its about time for an update. We’ve equipped the bike with some of the better parts we could afford/find. I couldn’t tell you how many miles the bike actually has, but lets just say its been all over Southern California in various trails and through the Triple Crown XC Series.

Here’s the frame in its humble beginnings. Just click on the link to read all the specs of the frame.

One of the things Priscilla loves about her KHS XC Team is that the bike is virtually bullet proof. She’s never had issues with anything on it. Being her personal mechanic, I know what type of rider Priscilla is (aggressive XC) and with all the abuse she dishes out on this bike, it somehow manages to still be loyal and function as it should.

The XC Team has increased her riding ability. She used to have a harder time with technical rock gardens and bombing down the hills. But because of how nimble this bike is, she’s able to tackle some of the trails that used to be a thorn on her side.

Priscilla also used this bike during the SC Velo Triple Crown Series. If you didn’t know, Priscilla won the Triple Crown for Beginner Women’s Under 34. In one of the races, she actually experienced 2 bad crashes in which one of them she hit her rear wheel against a boulder that caused her to fly over the bars and painfully landing on her wrist. But like the trooper that she is, she kept going. Since she had full confidence her bike was fine, she didn’t even bother checking it, instead, she got back on and finished the race. After she rolled through the finish line, we made sure she was fine since she showed up with a swollen wrist, and blood on her knees and elbows. Later on that day, I inspected her bike and was surprised to find it unscathed.

Priscilla said the following about the KHS XC Team…

I love love love my bike! The KHS XC Team not only helped me become a better rider, but it also was instrumental in winning the Triple Crown Series. The XC Team bike gave me more confidence on some of those more technical downhill trails. That bike just rolls right through just about anything and it absorbs any nasty the trails dish out! This bike has exceeded my expectations as far as performance goes. 😀

For more information about the KHS XC TEAM, click HERE.

We’d like to thank KHS Bicycles (especially Wayne D. Gray) for providing us the frame to build up an awesome race machine for Priscilla.

KHS XC Team Update

It’s been 2 1/2 months since RL built up the KHS XC Team bike for me. I wanted to go ahead and give a quick update.

The transition from a hard tail to a full suspension bike was a little difficult for me initially. It took me a few weeks to adjust to the handling, weight and just the overall feel of this bike. But I really feel like I am back in my groove and this bike feels amazing now.

KHS XC TEAM BIKE = Big smiles on Priscilla’s face. 😀

I’ve been able to tackle more technical downhill trails with confidence on this bike. Prior to having the XC Team I would have a difficult time moving through rock beds and rough terrain, and it was common for me to get off the bike and walk. However, the KHS makes these tasks so much easier with the aid of the FSR suspension linkage. I have been able to ride down technical portions that I used to walk down. I also am really enjoying the lockout feature on this machine. At first I was annoyed with having to think about moving this switch back and forth throughout my ride, but it has really grown on me. I love being able to reach down and lock it out for some of those more grueling climbs! Very nice.

I also want to quickly mention my feedback on the Bengal brakes. I was previously riding with mechanical disc brakes so in comparison these hydraulic brakes are amazing. Now that I can actually reach the levers, I feel very confident and comfortable with moving at much faster speeds than before. These brakes respond very quickly and are very smooth. I am able to wait until the very last moments to brake knowing that they are going to do their job. Check back for more updates but for now I am loving my new monster machine! Watch out boys! Here I come!!!

XC/ Epic Machine Update Numero Dos!

I finished Priscilla’s new machine and its purdy! Here, scheck it out mang!

First order of business with this bike was personalizing it for Priscilla, thus the pink accents. She had the same Jagwire Pink derailleur cables and housing on her last bike, and she loved them. Rather than recycling her old cables/housing, I ordered me a new set. Pink Terry Butterfly saddle and of course her green froggy.
khs xc team

XT rear der. Dura Ace 12-27 cassette, yes, a Dura Ace. This cassette is a big contribution in what makes Priscilla fly. Mated it with an XTR/ Dura Ace 9 speed chain.
khs xc team
FSA V-Drive/Mega EXO cranks/bottom bracket. Those are Vuelta XRP wheels. Wrapped with Kenda Small Block Eight tires.

4 bar rocker assembly with the RockShox MC3.3 air shock w/motion control, floodgate w/3 position switch.
khs xc team

To answer Danny from Brazil, we went with disc brakes from Bengal. These are the Helix 1.1. We also went with the LX shifter pods.

Helix 1.1 caliper mounted on the Spinner Reason Fork.

In our next update, Priscilla will be talking about how the bike handled in its maiden voyage.

Build Project: XC Race and Epic Machine-Update

Last week I mentioned that I’ve got another build project going on at the workshop. To refresh your memory, we basically wanted to build a bike for Priscilla that she can use for those epic rides that she enjoys, and for it to double as a race machine. So that meant that the bike had to be light enough, yet sturdy enough for this responsibility.

Let me introduce to you the KHS XC Team…that’s right folks…this frame is the TEAM issue frame that people like Melissa Buhl…um 2007 World Mountain Cross Champ rode…anyhow Wayne D. Gray, KHS VP decided to give us this frame to build up our machine once he found out our goal with the rig. Originally we wanted to work with the XC 604, but he insisted we take the XC Team, what? It’s not like I’d say no to Wayne D….

Ok so here’s some of the preliminary photos of the build project. The frame weighs around 4.5 lbs.


AL 7005 super lite w/4-bar Horst bearing linkage,
100mm travel w/Rear Shock: RockShox MC3.3 air shock
w/motion control, floodgate w/3 position switch


4 bar Horst Linkage…sweet!

7005 Aluminum frame…that means its wicked lite!

Spinner Seasons fork with lock out and FSA Orbit IS Integrated Headset.

I’ve made some more progress on the bike, so I’ll make sure I post the updates as I go.