KHS XC Team Frame Update: Race Proven, Rider Approved

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Priscilla has been riding the KHS XC Team Frame for about 6 months and its about time for an update. We’ve equipped the bike with some of the better parts we could afford/find. I couldn’t tell you how many miles the bike actually has, but lets just say its been all over Southern California in various trails and through the Triple Crown XC Series.

Here’s the frame in its humble beginnings. Just click on the link to read all the specs of the frame.

One of the things Priscilla loves about her KHS XC Team is that the bike is virtually bullet proof. She’s never had issues with anything on it. Being her personal mechanic, I know what type of rider Priscilla is (aggressive XC) and with all the abuse she dishes out on this bike, it somehow manages to still be loyal and function as it should.

The XC Team has increased her riding ability. She used to have a harder time with technical rock gardens and bombing down the hills. But because of how nimble this bike is, she’s able to tackle some of the trails that used to be a thorn on her side.

Priscilla also used this bike during the SC Velo Triple Crown Series. If you didn’t know, Priscilla won the Triple Crown for Beginner Women’s Under 34. In one of the races, she actually experienced 2 bad crashes in which one of them she hit her rear wheel against a boulder that caused her to fly over the bars and painfully landing on her wrist. But like the trooper that she is, she kept going. Since she had full confidence her bike was fine, she didn’t even bother checking it, instead, she got back on and finished the race. After she rolled through the finish line, we made sure she was fine since she showed up with a swollen wrist, and blood on her knees and elbows. Later on that day, I inspected her bike and was surprised to find it unscathed.

Priscilla said the following about the KHS XC Team…

I love love love my bike! The KHS XC Team not only helped me become a better rider, but it also was instrumental in winning the Triple Crown Series. The XC Team bike gave me more confidence on some of those more technical downhill trails. That bike just rolls right through just about anything and it absorbs any nasty the trails dish out! This bike has exceeded my expectations as far as performance goes. 😀

For more information about the KHS XC TEAM, click HERE.

We’d like to thank KHS Bicycles (especially Wayne D. Gray) for providing us the frame to build up an awesome race machine for Priscilla.

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