Red Rocket Rigid RUpdate!

Yes I spelled it “RUpdate…” just say it with a Scooby voice then you’ll be fine. Anyhow, I installed my KHS Rigid One fork on my Red Rocket last night and got a few miles in this morning before heading to work.

First few thoughts, this thing looks great! I’ve incorporated some Evomo stickers on the fork to accentuate the red and black theme of the bike.

My test terrain this morning was relatively flat and a few short climbs. But from what I experienced, this bike is fun! I thought that the rigid fork would have been stiffer, but perhaps the steel frame that my Gary Fisher is made with helps out with smoothing out some of the roughness.

I plan on riding this bike more often and found that I was very excited about it. Eric Hunner(single speed super hero) rides a rigid and swears by it. Our friend Lance Lowry is also on a rigid, but a 29er and he loves it.

One of the concerns that Priscilla brought up to me was the beating that I may get from the rigid bike. I’m sure for my first few times I’ll be sore, but I told her it wouldn’t be any different from me lifting weights at the gym, you get beat up the first few times, then you get buff! Not that I need to get more buff as it is…

Anyhow, I’ll report on the progress of this bike and let you know if this set up is a keeper.

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