Inspired to go Rigid

After reading Eric Hunner’s article about single speeding, he and I had a conversation about rigid single speeding. I had many questions to ask him about how it feels, which fork to get and anything else I could think of at the time. So after looking around for an affordable fork, I decided to go with the KHS Rigid One fork. This thing is made out of good old steel, so that means its going to compliment my Red Rocket Single Speed (old Gary Fisher steel bike).

Here’s the fork in all its goodness…
khs rigid one fork

Scheck it out mang, if I wanted to, I can install Disc Brakes on my single speed.

Now I have to cut the steerer tube down and install a star nut, but it should be ready this week.

7 Replies to “Inspired to go Rigid”

  1. RL – I have been searching for a rigid fork to replace my suspension fork on my Gary Fisher Marlin. Where did you order your KHS fork from? I may even think about an SS conversion after your article and Eric Hunner’s.

  2. Sean,

    Any KHS Dealer can supply you this fork. If they aren’t specifically a KHS dealer, you can see if they use KHS as one of their parts distributor.

    Let me know what city you’re in and I can find out which shop can get you that fork.


  3. I tried ordering one from KHS, but they were out of stock with no idea when more would come in. I wound up getting a Kona P2 rigid fork from ($24.95 + shipping!!!). It takes both V and disc brakes and is suspension-corrected for a 100mm travel fork.

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