For the Ladies

RL brought home the ladies’ jerseys and tees today!!! Check em out!

RL wasn’t able to get the same black bordering as the boys jerseys but I think they still look pretty sweet!

Loving the lettering on the back. Now when I pass those boys up on the climbs they know who they’re messin’ with. Hehehe. ;D

Here is the tee for the girls. We have a limited supply for the ladies so if you want one make sure you let us know asap. 🙂 RL should have pricing up soon.

This is a form fitting tee. It is very generous in length with a scoop neck collar. Oh wait, I am not doing a review here… Lets just say I like it. 🙂

3 Replies to “For the Ladies”

  1. Geezus, Priscilla, can you be any hotter?!? 😉

    Great looking jersey — you’re going to intimidate the hell out of your competition in upcoming races. When people see that you’re backed by the crew, they’ll be quaking in their SPDs.

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