Koozies are HERE!

Now available for purchase, our custom Koozies just came in and you can buy them now! Only $5.00 each (+$2 shipping to anywhere in the US). Limited in quantity, so once these run out, they’re gone!

It has 2 logos on the Koozie, one is and the other is (our sister site).

9 Replies to “ Koozies are HERE!”

  1. Australia: Lesson #478

    These are called “stubby holders” down under

    Stubby: A glass beer bottle, typically containing 375mL of delicious, cold, frosty amber fluid… ahhhh 😛

  2. Got my koozies today! I’m glad I ordered 2. I don’t have to waste time deciding what to enjoy first. I just insert beverage(s), doublefist, and enjoy — mtnbikeriders in one hand, bikecommuters in the other. Thanks RL.

  3. Pick your favorite! Or pick the lesser attractive of the two. The good looking one will have no trouble getting through life. The one with “personality” will need an education. Sorry, I’d buy more koozies but I need to send my son to college too. My daughter had better marry money.

  4. Let me know if you ever make decals of the MtnBikeRiders logo I would love to slap one on my vehicle 🙂

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