Interbike 2008: Long travel 29er forks

29er Interbike 2008 Mountain Biking Products

Since the breakout of the 29ers into the 26” world, long travel 29er forks have only been seen on a “wish list”.  There were several in existence, but for 2009 – Ask and you shall receive! 

At Interbike 2008 there were an abundance of 5-6” travel forks.  Although some were labeled as prototypes, the idea to progress more than 4” is here.

Check out some of the 29er long travel forks from various makers:  

White Brothers: 

Fluid 29 150mm

IMG_0982 copy by you. 

Magic 29 110mm and Fluid 110mm

IMG_0978 copy by you.

Fluid 29 135mm

IMG_0979 copy by you.

Prototype 6”

IMG_0983 copy by you.

Fox Racing Shox

IMG_0962 copy by you.

Prototype Marzocchi 100-140 mm

IMG_0964 copy by you.

Spinner 29

interbike08-1-205 by you.

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