First and foremost, the MtnBikeRiders.com Racing Team did an excellent job in yesterday’s event. We had 4 of our racers place on the podium and represented the site very well.

So let me start off with getting ready for the race. Since I wasn’t racing, I wanted to make sure that our athletes were taken care of. The night before, I bought a boat load of water, Gatorade, snacks and tubes.

The funny thing was, even though I wasn’t racing, I too couldn’t sleep the night before, I woke up around 5am and started packing the car with all the stuff we needed. My role for this race was of many responsibilities. I was basically the water boy, camera man, cheer leader, mechanic and what ever else I could find to do to help our riders out.

One of my other jobs was to take video footage of the event. I had over 40 minutes of coverage that I condensed into a 4.5 minute video.If you’re having issues watching that, here’s a non-HD version from Youtube.

6 Replies to “RL’s Spectator Race Report: SC VELO INCYCLE XC CHALLENGE”

  1. great video, would have been better if there was a bad ass evomo logo on there, buts its good.

    RL… are you taking music suggestions?

    how about…


  2. Great editing, too…RL, you caught a lot of the highlights beautifully (podium appearances…hell yeah!).

    Looks like y’all had some fun — couple brutal-looking climbs on that course — at least brutal-looking to this flatlander.

    I’m so proud of the Mtnbikeriders.com team…you guys rock!

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