Ride Report: Chino Hills State Park

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This weekend we rode Chino Hills State Park (CHSP) from both ends – west & east side.  On Saturday – The Moe, Val, Ner and I met by the Carbon Canyon entrance off Lambert in the City of Brea.  We met at 7am, then headed into the park towards the Northridge trail.  From trailhead to our first stop was a long 3 mile grind.  We then continued up Northridge for another 4 miles to McDermont Trail.  McDermont is a fast fireroad that leads into a singletrack which ends close to Four Corners.

IMG_1776 copy by you.

Reaching this point, we decided not to continue to Four Corners as The Moe had to be back by a certain time.  We headed towards the car via Telegraph Rd.  Big ringing down the slight grade of Telegraph was a blast… watching oncoming traffic off course.  We had so much fun that we decided to do it again the next day.

On Sunday, Val, Ner and I met at 7am at the Jack-in-the-Box off Green River in the City of Corona.  From here we headed towards Lower Aliso Canyon which is the south-east side of CHSP.   The first several miles of Lower Aliso is a nice warm-up; relatively flat we continued on this road until it ended at the Water Canyon Natural Preserve.  From here we turned left onto Skully Ridge Trail to start our ascent.  This was another long grind traversing through a series of climbs.  The fireroad was mainly hard pack but sometimes we hit patches of loose dirt.  After the long climbs, we were rewarded as the trail ended on a fast descent to the backside of the Green River Golf Course.  Below is a video capturing our ride at CHSP.  Sorry for the low quality/resolution.
IMG_1805 copy by you.







5 thoughts on “Ride Report: Chino Hills State Park

  1. Awesome butt kicking ride… The Flagstaff 29er was right at home on those descents, a little heavy on the uphills but I need the training!!!!

  2. ya that was fun. I havent been up that route for years. Long grind up for sure! It was fun blasting back on Telegraph!

    Sunday was fun too, it was a different route that I’ve done before. We have to do it soon!

  3. It was a fun ride on both days, looking forward to do it again but next time lets start at Lower Aliso (Green River) all the way to Telegraph (Brea) if possible…

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