Holiday Shopping Tips

With the holidays fast approaching and the state of the economy, not only do we have to be wiser with our money, but we have to make it stretch this season.

If you’re set on getting a new bicycle for a loved one…either its you or your spouse, many bike shops do offer Layaway programs. You can start putting money down now, and by the time Santa needs to come by your house, you’re all paid up. Some shops do offer financing for purchases over $500. I’d stay away from them since most of the programs have high interest rates…23% and up.

If you’re not planning on getting a big bike for that person that loves to ride, try getting them smaller items like clothing. I personally love to show off that I mountain bike by wearing items that say so.
Here’s a perfect example. Evomo has a Blood Donor Shirt that is on sale now for $12.99.

They even have a whole section for “gift ideas” right HERE.

Another great place for smaller goods is They have items like $30 clipless pedals, single speed kits, disc brakes, clothing, and etc. You name it they pretty much carry it. What’s cool with getting smaller items is, you can get about 5 different things, wrap them up individually and the person you are giving them to feels special because they have more than one item to unwrap…eh…cool huh!

But if you’re really broke like I am, then consider making presents for people you love. I wrote a how to last year that came in pretty handy during a white elephant gift exchange. This article shows you how to make a coat hanger out of an old rim. Heck with a 700c rim, you can make at least 4 hangers!

One last thing you can do to help with the shopping, sell some of your old bike stuff. Get rid of items you no longer use and take the money you make and spend it on a loved one for the holidays!

If you have other suggestions on how to ease the pain from your wallet this holiday season, please leave a comment below.

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  1. I think the best idea is getting rid of old stuff. Most of us have stuff we have accumulated that we can sell. Look around your garage, you’d be surprised 🙂

    Take the money you make and spend it on gifts.

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