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I’ve been riding with the Serfas Hydra Sunglasses for some may call it Optics for quite some time. Below are the specs:

Polarized Lenses
Decentered Polycarbonate Lens Technology
Polycarbonate Lenses Block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays
Hand Polished Frame Finish
Grilamid Frame Composite
Rubber Temple Inserts
Furnished with EVA Hard Case and Micro Fiber Bag
Price: $70.00

These glasses have seen multiple uses such as XC, Super D, DH, motorcycle riding (both dirt and road) and even just plain driving or to use at the beach. They’ve become my go to glasses and it’s because I simply love them. One thing you need to know about me, I’ve got a round face. So that means traditional glasses just don’t look all that great on me. I need them to be wide enough and tall enough to look somewhat cool on my face. I also have an obsession with eye wear. It’s true, I own over 25 pairs of sun glasses. They range from the $150 kind all the way down to the ones you’d buy at the Dollar Store.
Where does this place the Serfas Hyrda? On my face! As many choices I have in wearing any other pairs of glasses I own, I really like the fit and optics of the Hydra. They’ve never slipped off my sweaty face when riding and when I’m fishing the Polarized lenses help me see below the surface of the water.
If I’m using my ruler correctly, the Hydra frame is roughly 130mm wide and the lenses are 40mm tall. My head is pretty big, and if I wear any other type of glasses, it would look pretty funny on me. Since the Hyrdas are what I consider wide, they are just right for me.
I really love the way the Hydra looks. It’s sporty, yet casual look makes it great for any type of physical activity, but if you need a pair of glasses to wear with your office attire, you can always go with the Black version of the Hydra. I know this because I have both! The black Hydra is for business and the white is for fun.

The white Hydra goes with my whole ensemble.
They protect my eyes from wind and debris. I absolutely love them!

Ok let’s get down to a gut level here. If you’re Asian or predisposed to a round face or a big head, you may want to consider getting the Sefas Hydra, not only do they work really well, but dude, look how cool I am in the photos?! Just imagine you looking that cool, now go get the Hydra!!!

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