Dear Mr. Bicycle Saddle Maker

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Hello Sirs and Madams,

My name is RL Policar, mountain biker extraordinaire. I would like to petition your company as well as your competitors to please start making saddles that don’t feel like a brick.

We understand that the bicycle seat industry has tried so many variations to make the rider more comfy…but WTF is this? It looks more like a spoiler that goes on a badly customized Mazda

Then you guys came up with this thing…it looks like a prostate exam that’s waiting to happen…and it doesn’t call you back!

But what was funny is that a few guys kinda took matters into their own hands and designed a bike around the best place to sit…on a couch.

So rather than trying to look cool with your shinny carbon saddles, anatomic cut outs and stuff. Why not ask the regular guy what they would want. I’m sure they’d all agree that a saddle that combines the comfy-ness of a couch and performance like that prostate exam thing you guys made would be a great saddle.

Thanks for listening,

RL Policar
Mountain Biking Aficionado

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of and Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).

5 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Bicycle Saddle Maker

  1. I did when I worked at a shop, we were a Trek Dealer. I even had my butt do that imprint thing. Eh…it was ok. You know which is the best saddle I’ve ever sat on, its the Terry Butterfly, its the pink one on Priscilla’s bike. They actually sell a men’s version of it if you’re not in to the pink and stuff.

  2. A lot of folks rave about the SMP Strike saddle. I’ve never tried one, but I sure do think it looks wicked!

    My favorite saddle is an old-school first generation Flite Titanium. Minimal padding, super narrow, no silly cutout. Pure comfort.

  3. Just the other day I discovered a great new saddle, it is the stock saddle on the ’08 Lager, I found it strange to be on a fixie, because I would call it an “all mountain” shaped saddle, I took 1 long ride on it and it became my favorite saddle.

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