How to gain 3lbs on a bicycle!

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First step to gaining 3lbs on your bike is to get a wild hair up your butt like I did and somehow convince yourself that going from a 3×9 drive train to a 2×10 would be “upgrading.”

Second step is to procure yourself a slightly used SRAM X7 2×10 drive train.
redline d600 with sram x7 2x10
Step three, install said drive train and watch the pounds add up!
X7 2x10

Once you do this, you’ll visibly and physically notice the weight difference.
Redline D600

Before the 2×10 drive train swap, Burt Reynolds weighed in at 27lbs. After the swap, you can see he gained a bit over 3lbs…Hmm, not sure if this 2×10 stuff is worth the excess poundage. I can tell you this, that dinner plate sized cassette would be one of the culprits of this weight gain. But I’m willing to give it a try tomorrow and see if the weight will be over shadowed by the benefits of the new drive train. If at any time I don’t like it, I’m taking that stuff off and putting back my 3×9 drive train.

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