Burt Reynolds…Retires

It is with a heavy heart to announce that our very own Burt Reynolds is retiring. He’s gone from a regular Redline D600 to a rigid single speed, then to a formidable XC riding machine with X9 parts and all that jazz.

On his latest rendition he donned a whole new look with blue plastidip. But unfortunately, this is goodbye for Burt Reynolds. It’s been a great 11 months since all the changes. I’ve had hundreds of miles of fun with Burt and I will miss him. This is how he looked this morning. Still spry, but a bit tired. Thanks for the fun times Burt!
burt reynolds

Burt Reynolds gets some bling

Check it out kids, here’s the most recent addition to Burt Reynolds. I picked up this neat little upgrade from the most recent Fullerton Loop Swap Meet from non-other, Adam “Albacore” Spik. He hooked me up with a killer deal that would be equivalent to 5 large Pho bowls or a dinner for two at a local sushi restaurant, or half a tank of gas.

gold chris king headset

I also swapped out the brake rotors with some Dirty Dog MTB rotors, thanks Nick DeBeer!

Here’s how Burt’s new headset looks. I swapped my greyish/silver stem with a black one and went with a wider KORE Torsion bar. Cuz’ I like big, black things that are wide…(wink wink)..

I also swapped out the tires with a used set that I found from the swap meet. Oh and I also upgraded his wheels! You see my favorite Fireman, Albacore GAVE…yep, GAVE me a set of FSA XC-209 wheels. But I decided to install those on LadyP’s Airborne Hobgoblin, then I took her old wheels, the WTB SpeedDisc I-19 Alloy Double-Walled. The parts transplants yielded a total weight loss of 2.5lbs!


Whoa! It’s like a bag of Skittles on wheels!

I was playing around with the idea of changing things up with Burt Reynolds…again. Here’s some ideas…

My favorite color!
pink burt

Green mAcHiNe!
green burt

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?!
orange burt

Vanilla Gorilla.
white burt

The Purple Nurple.
purple burt

If I go with either one of these colors, I’m not sure if I could continue calling Burt, Burt Reynolds…

Midweek Ride with Cuz’n Joe

On Wednesday Cuz’n Joe and I hit up a trail that I haven’t ridden in more than 5 years. I remember riding there, but I can’t find any evidence of us doing so…weird. Any how, I really wasn’t looking forward to riding because I felt so tired that day. I ended up getting at the trail head early, this allowed me to take a quick nap in the limo…my mini van. What you see there would be my lower half and Burt Reynolds anxiously waiting to hit the trail.
Redline D600

Notice how Cuz’n Joe and I are matching with our Orange? I’m giving a thumbs up for our colors, not so much for his butt.
schabarum park

Nice view of LA County. Cuz’n was checking into Facebook. You know what they say, “if its not on Facebook, it never happened!”

During our ride we saw 2 snakes! The first one had Cuz and I screaming like little girls. The second one, Cuz actually ran over. But it was fine. Notice how the snake is going towards Cuz…I’m sure it was pissed at him. I’m sure if someone ran me over, I’d be mad too. Fortunately the snake slithered off the trail.

Cuz and I ended up riding nearly 2 hours on a Tuesday afternoon…ya I know I’m sure you’re jealous and you’re also thinking about what you were doing between 2-4pm on Tuesday. I bet you were sitting at your desk working on those TPS reports…

How to gain 3lbs on a bicycle!

First step to gaining 3lbs on your bike is to get a wild hair up your butt like I did and somehow convince yourself that going from a 3×9 drive train to a 2×10 would be “upgrading.”

Second step is to procure yourself a slightly used SRAM X7 2×10 drive train.
redline d600 with sram x7 2x10
Step three, install said drive train and watch the pounds add up!
X7 2x10

Once you do this, you’ll visibly and physically notice the weight difference.
Redline D600

Before the 2×10 drive train swap, Burt Reynolds weighed in at 27lbs. After the swap, you can see he gained a bit over 3lbs…Hmm, not sure if this 2×10 stuff is worth the excess poundage. I can tell you this, that dinner plate sized cassette would be one of the culprits of this weight gain. But I’m willing to give it a try tomorrow and see if the weight will be over shadowed by the benefits of the new drive train. If at any time I don’t like it, I’m taking that stuff off and putting back my 3×9 drive train.

Burt Reynolds gets soft.

Hey! Don’t think this soft thing means that Burt is a wuss, NO! It just means he got a new-2-him fork! Scheck it out kids, this is my latest acquisition for Burt Reynolds, it’s a Rockshox Reba RL (that part is my favorite, you know, that fact that it says my name, RL).

So take a look at this. My steel Redline Rigid Fork weighs around 2.5lbs. Which is awesome compared to the stock/OEM fork that weighed over 7lbs!
Redline d600
Now look at the Rockshox Reba RL, it weighs a tad bit over 3.0lbs! I was pretty surprised on how light it was.
Redline d600
Here’s Burt with his new fork looking all fancy and stuff with his matching white bits.
rockshox reba rl

Looks sharp don’t it? Rides pretty nice too. It sure will be fun to see how it will do on the trails.
Redline d600

Wow, I’m loving how Burt Reynolds is turning out. He looks pretty good!
Redline burt reynolds

The idea that actually happened

As you may recall I talked about Burt Reynolds getting a facelift. So after giving it some more thought and double checking with LadyP to make sure I can part out her old bike, I went to town on Burt the following morning.

After spending some time to strip the KHS XC604 of its parts, I started doing the same for Burt. I removed all of his single speed parts. The process was pretty seamless. The KHS had the same cable stops as Burt. So that means when I installed the cables, it went in easily. I did have to trim some excess housing to make a perfect fit.

I took me less than an hour to do the whole conversion. To my surprise, the bike came in at 26.5lbs with my DH pedals.
Redline d600

Here he is looking all sharp and stuff with his new drive train and brakes. I guess I lucked out that the color scheme that LadyP picked for her bike ended up working for Burt.
redline d600 27speed

The white and black really go well together with bits of red to accent the whole bike. Burt also got a set of Avid ElixirR brakes, way better than the mechanical brakes that he came with.

LadyP was pretty good to her drive train. It just needed to be lubed and it was ready to go!

Later that afternoon Burt and I headed out at the world famous Fullerton Loop. First thing I noticed with Burt and his new drive train, rides nothing like the 2×10 that’s on the Airborne Goblin. One thing I’ve come to love on the Goblin was the 2×10, it just feels more efficient on the flats. But one thing Burt did well in was climbing, thanks to his granny gears of 22t/34t.
redline d600 on mtnbikeriders.com
I found that on Burt, I was on my big ring quite a bit and noticed that I was cross chaining by using the 28t-32t. I am assuming I was doing this because it’s what my legs have grown accustomed to while riding the Goblin. Just like with any bike I test or have ridden, it will take some time for me to get used to everything about Burt. When I converted him over to a single speed. It took me at least 5 rides to finally like how everything was. From cock pit to gearing, it all took some time to get dialed in. I figured it’s going to be the same story with Burt this time around. One thing I did change, and will probably change again by the end of the week is the handle bar. I’ll need something wider since I like my bikes to have short stems and wide bars.

Though Burt Reynolds isn’t a new bike to me, having this new configuration sure feels new and it’s got me all excited! I’m working on procuring some better parts for him, so who knows what he’ll end up with in the next few weeks.

Burt Reynolds Get’s a Facelift?

As you all know, Burt Reynolds is one handsome bike. For those of you just tuning in, that’s this bike right here.
burt reynolds
Yup he’s a handsome devil. But then I got to thinking…”Wouldn’t it be fun to mix things up again with Burt?” If you recall, Burt started off as 24speed entry level 29er. Then it went through a transformation that you see above as a single speed 29er with a rigid fork. I actually spent some clams on the drive train, fork and all sorts of small parts just to get it to become Burt ReynoldsS…yes two S’s for Single Speed.

But it got me thinking. I really love how the Airborne Goblin works, heck in my review I noted how much faster I was with the darn thing. But the fun has to come to an end because the Goblin is on it’s last few days with me. You see, he’s a demo bike and the kind folks of Airborne were sweet enough to let me use him to do some XC racing before I hand him back. With the thought if seeing the Goblin go, I was pretty sad. I then started thinking of ways on how I can continue to ride a 29er.

This is where Burt Reynolds comes in. He might just be my next project bike…again. So I was thinking that if I take LadyP’s old bike, a KHS XC604 with X0, 27speed drive train and strip it, I could use those parts on Burt, right? Ya why not. Though it’s not a fancy 2×10 drive train, I’m sure I’ll manage with it’s X0 level parts. Plus it has Avid Juicy brakes, an upgrade from Burt’s mechnical Tektro’s. The only thing that is a bit of a bummer would be the fork. Burt like its hard, therefore he rocks a rigid fork.

Well there you have it. So many ideas floating in my head about bikes, Burt, 29ers and all that jazz. I’m still not 100% certain that I want Burt to become a 29er with a 27speed drive train. But if he does convert, it might be an interesting ride…

New Bars on Burt ReynoldSS

One of my favorite things to do is take an existing bike and make it more interesting. The Redline D600 is a prime example of it. This bike started off as a 24speed, 29er, then it got transformed into Burt ReynoldSS…the rigid single speed that you see below.

But this morning I was in the shop (my garage) and looked at Burt and thought, what can I do to make this bike even more interesting and fun to ride? Then it hit me! New bars and stem. I grabbed the Fyxation Alterra Cafe Bar off my commuter bike and installed it on Burt.

Here’s how it looks.
redline d600

A better angle to show you the bar position.
fyxation alterra cafe bar

The riding position is actually quite comfortable.
Burt Reynoldss

Reminds me of those “Mary Bars” or “M” bars that other brands sell.
mary bar alternative

A great angle to show you how far the bar drops.

Though the Fyxation bar isn’t really meant for the rigors of mountain biking…especially in a rigid setting, I figured it might be fun to see how well it holds up. I’ll be trying this set up in the near future!

More work done on Burt ReynoldSS

If you’ve been following my updates about Burt ReynoldSS, then you’ll know that I’ve replaced the stock chain to a nice red one, but I still ended up with chain skipping issues. I’ve tried two different types of tensioners and they both sucked. So I figured I’d ask my beloved friend Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney, he’s the Editor AT-Large over at BikeCommuters.com. Jack has been working on bikes for over 35 years or something like that. Basically he’s been tinkering with them since the day I was born!

I explained to Jack about my chain skippage (not a real word, but sounds legit right now). He then went on this long explanation on why he is the master of bikes and I should NOT doubt him. Once he got me to confirm his Mastery of Bikes, he proceeded to tell me how to take care of this skippy-skipperton of an issue. He bluntly said, “Use a zip tie and it will work…” I scratched my head for a minute because I wasn’t sure what he meant by the comment. Again he asked me to confirm his supreme power over all bicycles. I did. Then he explained in further detail that I needed to make the chain wrap around the cog more and that spring loaded tensioner I had needed to be pulled forward.

This was before…pretty red chain and all. Notice the tensioner’s position. Then compare it to the photo below.

This was after. I ditched the red chain because the new configuration required a half link. But the half link I bought wouldn’t fit the red chain, so I went back to the stock one. You’ll notice in the photo the zip tie and half link.
burt reynoldss
From my test rides around the neighborhood, I was happy to report that there haven’t been any skippages. I’m going to try it out tonight and see how well it does on the first climb of the trail. If the chain holds up, I’ll be a happy camper. If not…argh…I’m going to fudge-get-about this project and go back to making friend rice. I’m good at making fried rice!