More work done on Burt ReynoldSS

If you’ve been following my updates about Burt ReynoldSS, then you’ll know that I’ve replaced the stock chain to a nice red one, but I still ended up with chain skipping issues. I’ve tried two different types of tensioners and they both sucked. So I figured I’d ask my beloved friend Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney, he’s the Editor AT-Large over at Jack has been working on bikes for over 35 years or something like that. Basically he’s been tinkering with them since the day I was born!

I explained to Jack about my chain skippage (not a real word, but sounds legit right now). He then went on this long explanation on why he is the master of bikes and I should NOT doubt him. Once he got me to confirm his Mastery of Bikes, he proceeded to tell me how to take care of this skippy-skipperton of an issue. He bluntly said, “Use a zip tie and it will work…” I scratched my head for a minute because I wasn’t sure what he meant by the comment. Again he asked me to confirm his supreme power over all bicycles. I did. Then he explained in further detail that I needed to make the chain wrap around the cog more and that spring loaded tensioner I had needed to be pulled forward.

This was before…pretty red chain and all. Notice the tensioner’s position. Then compare it to the photo below.

This was after. I ditched the red chain because the new configuration required a half link. But the half link I bought wouldn’t fit the red chain, so I went back to the stock one. You’ll notice in the photo the zip tie and half link.
burt reynoldss
From my test rides around the neighborhood, I was happy to report that there haven’t been any skippages. I’m going to try it out tonight and see how well it does on the first climb of the trail. If the chain holds up, I’ll be a happy camper. If not…argh…I’m going to fudge-get-about this project and go back to making friend rice. I’m good at making fried rice!

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