So I made fried rice…

The title was in reference to Burt ReynoldSS again…yep. It’s back because last night during our ride, I dropped the chain 7 times!
redline d600
The zip tie method does work…up to a certain point. The problem I had was there was still a bit of play on my chain line and every time I hit a bump while pedaling, the chain would jump off. I figured there’s a couple of options to remedy this jumping issue. 1. Get a bigger rear cog to take up more slack. 2. Get a bigger front chain ring to do the same.3. Was to use a bigger pulley on the tensioner. I opted for the cheaper route.
I grabbed an old derailleur from my parts bin and took it apart. What’s cool about this derailleur is it has 2 different sized pulleys, both are bigger than the one that came on my tensioner.
You’ll see the pulley on the left that came off the Alivio derailleur and the pulley on the right came off the tensioner.
This is the before shot of the smaller pulley. See how there’s a bit more space between the cog and chain.
Now check out the bigger pulley installed, you’ll see that there’s less space between the chain and cog as well as the chain stay. This translates to a tighter chain overall and SHOULD prevent the chain from jumping. Wish me luck!
single speed tensioner

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