New Bars on Burt ReynoldSS

One of my favorite things to do is take an existing bike and make it more interesting. The Redline D600 is a prime example of it. This bike started off as a 24speed, 29er, then it got transformed into Burt ReynoldSS…the rigid single speed that you see below.

But this morning I was in the shop (my garage) and looked at Burt and thought, what can I do to make this bike even more interesting and fun to ride? Then it hit me! New bars and stem. I grabbed the Fyxation Alterra Cafe Bar off my commuter bike and installed it on Burt.

Here’s how it looks.
redline d600

A better angle to show you the bar position.
fyxation alterra cafe bar

The riding position is actually quite comfortable.
Burt Reynoldss

Reminds me of those “Mary Bars” or “M” bars that other brands sell.
mary bar alternative

A great angle to show you how far the bar drops.

Though the Fyxation bar isn’t really meant for the rigors of mountain biking…especially in a rigid setting, I figured it might be fun to see how well it holds up. I’ll be trying this set up in the near future!

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