Midweek Ride with Cuz’n Joe

On Wednesday Cuz’n Joe and I hit up a trail that I haven’t ridden in more than 5 years. I remember riding there, but I can’t find any evidence of us doing so…weird. Any how, I really wasn’t looking forward to riding because I felt so tired that day. I ended up getting at the trail head early, this allowed me to take a quick nap in the limo…my mini van. What you see there would be my lower half and Burt Reynolds anxiously waiting to hit the trail.
Redline D600

Notice how Cuz’n Joe and I are matching with our Orange? I’m giving a thumbs up for our colors, not so much for his butt.
schabarum park

Nice view of LA County. Cuz’n was checking into Facebook. You know what they say, “if its not on Facebook, it never happened!”

During our ride we saw 2 snakes! The first one had Cuz and I screaming like little girls. The second one, Cuz actually ran over. But it was fine. Notice how the snake is going towards Cuz…I’m sure it was pissed at him. I’m sure if someone ran me over, I’d be mad too. Fortunately the snake slithered off the trail.

Cuz and I ended up riding nearly 2 hours on a Tuesday afternoon…ya I know I’m sure you’re jealous and you’re also thinking about what you were doing between 2-4pm on Tuesday. I bet you were sitting at your desk working on those TPS reports…

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