A bit off topic…

A little off topic but it is biking related. I purchased a cheap commuter through bikesdirect.com. It came with a little dent, 3/4″ by 1/2″, on the seat tube about 6 inches up from the bottom bracket facing forward. The dent does not affect the structural integrity of the bike but it is ugly. The bike was packed properly but these things happen. A quick email to bikesdirect and they offered two options:

1. take the bike back, no charge

2. credit me $50

I understood “credit me” as they’d give me credit towards another bike which I wasn’t keen on. However, they meant “credit me” as they would return $50 back to my credit card. That is good customer service and my wife is going to be sooo happy when she finds out about this.

A lot of times I worry about dealing with internet only businesses. They’re faceless and many times, out of state. Bikesdirect, however, did a great job standing behind their product and promptly responding to my correspondence. If you’re worried about purchasing through an internet only bike company I would confidently recommend bikesdirect.com.

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