But I like my bike…….

I have rarely talked to a mountain biker that has just one bike in their stable. Hard tails, single speeds, full suspension bikes, rigids…we all have come a looonng way from the Klunkerz days. Our household has a lot of variety in our garage because RL LOVES to build up bikes…and our collection is growing. lol.

The other day RL and I were talking about how I want to tackle some more technical trails. I am starting to really feel comfortable on this new bike I am riding and I think I am ready to tackle some harder stuff. You won’t see me doing weelies up the hill anytime soon though! lol. So he suggested building up another bike for me to do this.

Another bike?? Why should I build another bike to improve my skills? I am a simple girl. Once I get comfortable on my bike, I am a happy camper. It takes me a few rides to adjust to my bike so that it is JUST right. Once I have achieved that I am all smiles out on the trails. Aside from that I think that if I want to expand my biking skills I should work with what I got.

So I guess that’s where RL and I differ. More of you will probably agree with RL but I like my bike and I don’t want to feel like I have to change out my bike all the time. I still dream of the Gary Fisher Hi-Fi 29er (I am drooling) but I love feeling like my bike and I are one out there on the trails and that comes from spending a lot of time on that bike. Not sure that I can achieve that by constantly changing out bikes?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun to try something new everynow and then. I really enjoyed Moe’s Trek Remedy and ultimately that turned me on to full suspension. The downhills were a lot of fun on that bike. But again, I want to have one bike that I will always go back to.

So is there anything wrong with that? Am I really limiting my skills with this mentallity? And even so I have seen singlespeed hardtails jammin down hillsides quicker than some full suspension riders. Mabye someday as my skills progress out there it will be easy for me to jump from bike to bike more often? Just seems this conversation has come up a lot with RL and I. And he gets pretty insistant on wanting to build up something else for me. I think he is just trying to distract me from the Hi-Fi 29er though….hahaha.

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  1. I have had as many as 6 bikes at a time. I am currently down to 3, only one of which is a mountain bike. (the other two are sentimental road bikes, I really can’t get rid of). I decided that with what I want, I really can’t afford to have more than one. And, as far as road went, I always gravitate back to my trusty old favorite. So I am down to a steel HT 29er. its more than sufficient for the riding that I do, and capable of anything I would want to do.

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