Will Steel Make a Come Back in Mountain Biking?

Over at BikeCommuters, we’re running a poll about what type of frame material our readers are riding on. As of this morning, 62% have answered steel. Even more discussions could be found HERE where readers are talking about how much better steel is compared to any other frame type.

Now if steel is such a hot commodity for bike commuters, I wonder if steel could make a come back in mountain biking.

Lately the only type of steel bikes you can get are hard tails. Our very own Khoa even built one by using a steel Nashbar frame.

The reason why I ask if steel will ever come back, well simply its out of the fact that steel does feel really good as a frame whether you’re on a road bike, commuter, or a mountain bike. I’m curious to even see if there are any steel full suspension bikes out there(not from walmart). If so, does it ride nicer than aluminum?

But the other side of this argument is that steel is heavy. Some have even said that carbon frames offer the same dampening properties of steel, but without the weight. Lemond makes a few road bikes that are steel and carbon, from what I’ve heard, that bike is a dream to ride. With all that said, “will steel make a come back in mountain biking?” Leave us your thoughts and comments.