Beatiful days in L.A.

RL pointing to Downtown LA

This ride report is a day late, but it the days have been so beautiful in L.A. that it would be shameful to be spending them inside in front of a Computer.

Khoa, climbing up to the tank.

Anyhow, RL, Priscilla, Khoa and I headed to Turnbull Canyon for a quick ride. The ‘quick’ ride is basically 2 miles up, 2 miles down. I decided to take my KHS Team Alite, riding my Singlespeed would have been freaking torture… but RL did it… that dude is a glutton for punishment.

RL, grinding it up the hill

I would like to say that my ride was uneventful, but it was not the case, first, I get a puncture on my front tire,

and then I eat it going up a hill…

Yeah, I know, how can I much it going up hill? Well, notice that the ground is loose and rocky, as I was pedaling up the hill, my rear tire lost traction and my momentum basically stopped, then gravity took effect and unable to unclip, down I went. Don’t worry, the bike was OK, and most important, my new Evomo Jersey was fine.

The downhill was fun and no one crashed. The rattlesnake switchbacks were full of ruts making the descent a little more technical but fun. We also found a couple of jumps and this platform:

RL wanted to jump it, but his better half reminding him of the consequences of crashing.

We all had a great time, and next time we are looking to expand our riding to either 7th St or to the south side of TBC.

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