How do I get arms like that?

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Many of you may have noticed that Eric “The Animal” Hunner has some might big GUNS!

So wanting to have guns that can make Priscilla swoon at the sight of them, I asked Eric what he does for his workouts.

Basically he said, he is his wife’s slave…He’s Tim the Tool Man Taylor when he’s at home. He does anything from building entertainment centers (into the wall), fix cars/trucks, unclog the sink and a whole bunch of other stuff. But when he’s in the gym he’ll get on the spin bike and he’ll lift 25lb dumb bells. This happens for about 45 minutes. You can just imagine that if you’re lifting something for 45 mins, your arms would be worn out. There’s a whole science behind body building in which you have to make small tears in your muscle via lifting weights to make them grow. But since I’m not schmientist…I can’t really quote on that.

He also has a pretty good diet of turkey legs, large chicken breasts, rice and diet cokes. Combine his workouts, single speed riding and food intake, then you get The Animal.

Eric Hunner
I’m hoping he’ll leave comments on actual specifics of his workouts….Eric?

RL Policar

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13 thoughts on “How do I get arms like that?

  1. I found that drinking lots of beer relaxes the muscles and then i go and lift mad shit. after that i eat some in and out burger and watch some adult movies on my 50″ plasma. so far i gots some decent guns. chicks dig it.

  2. Yah that extra weight also equals more power…If you haven’t noticed in some of the pictures of Eric, he literally out weighs his competition close to 100lbs. Some of these SS guys are so skinny, you’d think they’re roadies, but The Animal is like a locomotive on the trail…ALL POWERFUL and MIGHTY!

  3. The secret to Big Guns is classified, just kidding it is Single Speed bikes for me. I generally have a harder time breaking my bike with only one gear so it ready to ride most of the time. I have too many geared bikes that need some TLC to be “Animal Proof”. My job moved away from Whiting Ranch so now for the first time in my life I go to the Gym instead of riding at lunch. My new ride at work is Lemond stationary bike mixed up with some free weights for 40-45 minutes a day, the wind in my face now comes from a fan. I now fear Beer, I switched over to Bacardi and diet.

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