The lighter side of racing


One of the things that I’ve enjoyed most about racing is hanging with my fellow team mates and racers, here are some pictures of the ‘lighter side of racing’:

David doing his impression of Captain Morgan, and a distracted cellphone texter that didn’t bother to see if I was taking a picture.

Hungry after the race.

Kim “chilling” under the rain.

David, doing his ‘The Moe’ impression

Eric, doing his Joe impression (inside Joke)

Joe,… self-explanatory

RL, showing his best side

Me, being a wuss “It’s just alcohol”

As you can see folks, racing is not just about the glory, fame, money but about the good times we all have.

7 thoughts on “The lighter side of racing

  1. lol good times for sure…

    Just hanging with good friends makes these outings well worth it!

    Moe – we’ll have to remember to bring you Dermoplast, it doesnt sting 😉

  2. Great times always! Nice article Moe! I always looked at racing as a way to hang out with a bunch of friends at the same time! Thanks to everyone for the friendships that have developed through our team! Where’s my money?? LOL

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