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nashbar rigid fork

Rediscover the simplicity of riding a rigid fork. Our beefy 4130 cro-mo fork features 31.8mm fork legs tapered for a superb ride quality, IS disc mount and removable V-brake studs that allow you to build it up however you want, extra clearance for 3.0 tires with room for mud, and single eyelets at the dropout for full fenders. Suspension corrected leg length means your bike’s handling won’t change. 280mm long 1 1/8” steer tube. 45mm offset. 453mm axle to crown. Satin black finish with no logo.

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4 thoughts on “Nashbar Rigid Fork-$59.99

  1. Well, crap in a hat…these things had been out of stock for FOREVER. I had to scour the Web looking for an alternative (Kona P2 fork with the funky extended steerer…only $39.00 from Bikeman).

    I actually have one of these Nashbar forks in my parts bin, but the disc tab is broken off and I needed the fork for a disc-braked-bike project. The fork is pretty tough, albeit heavy as hell…

  2. For only $5 more you can get a rigid Dimension fork from JensonUSA that’s only 2.47lbs (1122g) vs the nashbar 3.33lbs (1512g) boat anchor. That’s a 0.86lbs weight difference for the mathmatically impaired. It’s disc-only…but why would anyone want anything eles haha.

  3. 1500g! dang, even the On-One Superlight is only 1200g, and dual compatible.

    although I would like to see what you get for the money from the Nashbar fork.

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