Exclusive: Sette Vexx Downhill bike Sneak Peek

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Our good friends from PricePoint.com let us take some pictures of a pre-production Downhill bicycle.

As you can see, this bike was raced last weekend at Fontana, its talented rider took 2nd place on his first ever downhill race. Now, that’s pretty impressive!

We will be posting final specs and pricing soon, but let’s just say that this bike will be very affordable and will have decent parts like the RockShox Boxxer Race fork , e-thirteen chainguide, Hussefelt Cranks, and a RockShox Vivid rear shock.

10 thoughts on “Exclusive: Sette Vexx Downhill bike Sneak Peek

  1. I’ve ridden the Sette Reken for quite some time as a SS and never had any problems with it. Yeah its obvious its the same frame, we even talked to Sette about it, but their price is is significantly lower than Fezzari’s.

    If your frame broke, I’m sure the warranty would have covered it. Most of the Sette frames have a 5 year deal.

    Now I can’t verify this info, but I have a feeling that Sette uses the same manufacturer as Ibex, Yeti and possibly Motobecane…check it out. Click on the ASDHK and browse through their product line.


  2. far from it…Tomac has a different rear triangle from the Vexx…but I tell you what, I bet you that the Vexx and the Tomac are made in the same factory….

  3. If your frame broke, Sette will replace it…Sometimes frames brake and the high end manufacturers don’t give a s**t…! And even if any of their frames are “knock-off’s” who gives a s**t….they have affordable prices instaed of outrageous ones…….former high end bike frame owner now very staisfied Sette owner…!

  4. i have been racin dh for four years and have ridden the fezzari and my buddys new sette vexx and i can honistly say it is the same frame same bike same everything

  5. Hey if thats the bike you can afford then get it, I highly doubt any one commenting about the bike “sucking” has the ability to ride over the bikes performance. 5 year warranty bang thats huge, nice looking more power to them.., tone

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