Not a big Fan of the Boing

Since I started riding my rigid single speed, I’ve become more attached to the harshness of it than riding a comfy full suspension mountain bike. Don’t get me wrong, a nice squishy bike is sweet, especially during technical rides, but for this fella, I’ll be sticking with my rigid for most of my XC rides.

I’m curious to know how many of our readers are rigid riders…

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  1. Full rigid Vassago Bandersnatch: Have to agree here, I have been loving my full rigid ride more than I ever seemed to enjoy a 6″ Santa Cruz Heckler. My riding has improved leaps and bounds, technically. Although epics are a bit rough on the body.

    I take great satisfaction when I see guys with 8″ travel bikes riding the same trails. In yo face!

  2. I got my start riding rigid mountain bikes back in 1988. One of my friends had an early Rocky Mountain MTB (with the bullmoose bars). Later that year, I bought a Schwinn High Sierra, then a Jamis in 1992.

    I’ve NEVER felt comfortable on any suspension…too heavy for what it offers. Part of the thrill of MTB is getting a little bit beat up by the trail. I can understand the use of suspension forks and such, but it’s not for me. Granted, I’ve never really ridden on rocky trails (babyheads and all that) — all my riding has been on muddy, sandy, rooty trails in Alabama, Georgia, NC and Florida.

  3. I agree with Ghost Rider, the dirt and grit of getting thrown around is part of it. I love riding my Stout!

    On the other hand 2 weeks ago I got to ride a 4″ FS 29er off road, and that combination is incredible at “monster-trucking” Everything, I was gently bouncing down drops that would be near-suicidal on the Stout.

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