The Animal: Up Close

For those that have been fortunate enough to meet single speed phenom, Eric “The Animal” Hunner, they will tell you that Eric is one gigantor of a man. He literally out weighs his competition anywhere from 50-100lbs. To give you an idea on how big he is, check out the following photos.

Look at the people on the left side of the photos…tiny compared to the hulking Animal.

That’s all MAN right there…

Here’s another perspective, the dude is all muscle if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Did you guys get your tickets? The tickets to the GUN SHOW!!!

Though he may be huge, he’s a great guy, very friendly and a big teddy bear when his little daughter, Dana is around. So don’t be intimidated to shake hands with him if you meet him, but I warn you, you’ll feel really tiny when you’re next to him.

2 Replies to “The Animal: Up Close”

  1. Having raced against Eric a few times, I can attest to his strength. He’s a beast of a rider, and incredibly fast for his (or any) size. He’s also a first-rate competitor and sportsman. I look forward to competing against him this year.

  2. Mr. Leveque, It has been a real pleasure racing against you and Mark M. You two guys are fast and really set the pace of the race early. I am looking forward to our next race as well.

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