Interbike 2008: Yess Pro Chain Tensioner

A while back I did a review of the Yess Pro Full Suspension Single Speed Tensioner.

At Interbike, we met up with Yess Pro and they showed me one of their other tensioners and I asked if we could test it, they agreed and handed me a unit right there.

This is the ETR-B, its a bottom bracket mounted tensioner. I wanted to try this baby out because I want to make my drive train look cleaner and eliminate the tensioner that hands from the derailleur hanger.

The ETR-B is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and tension.

Once I get it installed, I’ll report back on the performance.

4 Replies to “Interbike 2008: Yess Pro Chain Tensioner”

  1. Is this tensioner supposed to work on FS bikes? I may have to try it out. I’m currently running the ETR-V on my Giant Anthem. While it works wonderfully, it makes tire/tube changes a real pain. The tensioner has to come off before the wheel can drop out of the frame. Makes trailside repairs a real PITA.

  2. I have the ETR-H and the ETR-B. All have performed way beyond their advertising. When it comes to my tensioners I will always use YESS.

    To answer Dman’s question the one shown here is not the full suspension one. Go to and look at their stuff. There you will get all your questions answered.

    one very happy YESS customer

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