Love, Hate relationship…

This morning I got extra early to get in a few short miles before work(this is the hate part). I got out my SS rig and headed to the Fullerton Loop(the love part). Sorry no pics.

As I started on my ride, my legs began to get warmed up and then quickly feeling them burn from the lactic acid that was caused my speedy, hamster like legs spinning my 32/18t drive train(hate). As I entered into the first single track, I spun even faster in hopes of achieving some good flow. But being limited to my lack of gears, I maintained the same speed all the way through. (eh..love)

On my first climb, I try to sit as long as I can then at the last minute, I jump out of my saddle to put some extra power on the wheels so I can get up over the crest(love).(entering hate) By this time my legs are burning, lungs are filled up and my arms are worn. If you didn’t know, riding a SS makes you use quite a bit of your upper body. There’s tons of pushing and pulling on the bars. That’s why you’ll see a number of SSers that have bar ends, it helps out with the climb.

I as I continued on my ride, I started asking myself why did I get up so early to do this(hate)? Mountain bikers must be masochistic people since there’s so much pain involved with riding and the pleasure of it seems to be a shorter experience…not sure if the trade off is really that great. Think about it, you climb and climb. Some times you feel like you’re pedaling forever(hate), for what? Just to get to go down a hill(love) that you may eat it on(hate)?

So if you ask me, mountain biking reminds me of the people you’ll see on the show COPS where the police get sent to a domestic disturbance call in which the husband hit the wife, but when the cops show up to arrest him, she doesn’t want to press charges, because she loves him! That’s like you and I when it comes to mountain biking…we get totally beat up by climbing, but we rationalize it by saying…”oh it was worth the climb!”….aye…mountain bikers must be messed up in the head… 🙂