Serfas Krest 9’r MTB Tires review

I’ve been riding and racing with the Serfas Krest 9r tires since November. I initially installed these tires on my KHS Solo One 29er for training purposes.

Well, I was really impressed with the tires that I decided to install the front tire on my KHS Flagstaff 29er and race SuperD with it. Why just the front tire? Well, I have two 29er bikes and only one pair of tires! The Krest 9r tire hooks up really well on any terrain and in all conditions. I’ve put over 100 miles on these tires and I can say that they hook up well on dry, loose, packed or muddy terrain.


Integrated Flat Protection System Provides Superior Puncture Resistance
Tightly Spaced Lug Pattern for Constant Traction
Center Lugs are Ramped for Low Rolling Resistance
Fast and Predictable Cross Country and All-Mountain Tire
Great for All Conditions
Bead: Wire

Pros:Lightweight, hook up very well, roll fast, durable, inexpensive and they come with flat prevention.

Cons: Tires are not easy to find at your LBS.

I learned that playing around with tire pressures will get you the most performance out of this tire. For hard pack terrain, I would ride at 40psi, for loose, rooty and rocky terrain I lowered the pressure to 30psi. Although the lowest pressure that manufacturer recommends is 40psi, I never encountered an issue with the tires riding at 30psi.

Recommendation:Even though Serfas is little known for their tires, the Krest 9’r really impressed the heck out of me and I would definitely recommend them to any 29er enthusiast. In fact, I’ve just ordered a new set for both bikes from here for $15.93 per tire!

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  1. I have been waiting/wondering about this post, No surprise to me (good review), yes Serfas is little know, but I have so much stuff from them (because its Grea stuff) that people would probably think IM sponsered.

  2. Hey Moe, are those the same tires that I rode on the Newbie ride with you and RL? If so, the are GREAT I loved the bike and we had a good time.
    Thank you VERY MUCH and good luck to your team this Sunday!

  3. I got a pair of these tires for my 1×8 Zion. I liked how they cornered but I was having a real issue with them skidding out on dry rocky downhill sections. It seemed like they just wouldn’t hold no matter what PSI I used. To solve that issue I put the Serfas tires on the front of my 1×8 and SS bikes, then took my WTB Exiwolf 29er’s and put them on the rear of each bike. I have to say, I love it setup like that. I have good traction and the Serfas tires corner well on the front. Overall, they are good tires but just didn’t do well in the rear for my trails and style of riding.

  4. The tires were being sold really cheap at REI a little while ago. Haven’t used them yet, but will be doing so soon.

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