First Impressions: Twenty6 products Dualie Lever

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Yes, it is made by a company called twenty6 but it is going on a 29er. The thing is, when you’ve got something that looks this cool it can go ANYWHERE on my bike. I’m not sure why the pair that they sent consisted of a blue and a red lever but they do look good individually. Together I think they look patriotic.

I’ll be installing these levers on my Avid Juicy 7’s. I will probably go with just one first so that I can accurately gauge their claim of “quicker engagement”. I actually would prefer quicker engagement on my Juicy’s so I’m definitely looking forward to testing these out. I am a one finger braker so quicker engagement will hopefully mean I can turn the lever in a little closer to the handlebar.

Twenty6 dualie lever, red & blue

Here are some specs from Twenty6 products website:

Dualie lever
6061 t6 cnc brake levers
two-finger grip design
quicker engagement
available in anodized colors
fits: avid: juicy / code, hayes: mag / nine / el camino trail, shimano

My first impression:
They look cool. There is not much else to say since I haven’t installed them yet, but they do look great. I can’t wait to get them out on the trail. I’ll definitely detail my install later this week and put up some pictures of the dualie lever as compared to the Avid levers.

We’ll have a full review on the dualie levers coming soon. In the meantime, click here for twenty6’s website.

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