Sycamore Canyon Ride Report

Months of racing every other week can take a toll on a person. After seeing Joe’s Sycamore Canyon video, we set up a relaxed vibe ride last Saturday. One of the things we wanted to do was ride the trail on single speed bikes. I checked with our buddy Randall and he said that the trail was SS friendly. Well, I should have taken into consideration that Randall doesn’t own a SS and that he rode the trail on his 27spd bike.

The posse, I was showing off my new sunglasses that I purchased at the Ladies section at Walmart…$10 bucks and they even had a star on the temple!

With that said, we still set out for the trail. We met up with Jeremy, David, Val and two new friends, Dan and Ian. This was Priscilla’s first group ride on her SS and I have to tell ya, she did great! The girl was a natural. All her spin classes had paid off because she was pretty darn consistent, meaning she was climbing most of the hills and was able to keep up with the other multi-geared riders.

Since Joe was on this trail not too long ago, he was our tour guide. With his handy dandy GPS device, he was leading us through some tough climbs and sweet single track.

At one point…I think mile 4 of the ride, we came across some rocks that was beckoning my name…like a sweet sound of Sirens, I dared to go up on the rock in an attempt to jump it.

Here’s the entry…

The mid air shot

The rough landing…

and the result…

After brushing myself off, we continued on our adventure and found more miles of climbing and wonderful single track. But we stopped at another rock formation to get a group shot. Here’s Val and David taking a “sniper” shot of us.

This was also Jeremy’s first SS group ride. Oh I have to mention that he was riding the newly built Sette Razzo. If you’re wondering why David is walking down the hill, well he was trying to assist me. I was jacked up from this ride. My whole body was starting to give up.

There were many hike a bikes, but if you look, the guy with the sleeveless white shirt, that’s Dan. He made it up the hill on his granny gear!

We started the ride around 7:30am and didn’t get out of there until about 11am or so…by the end of it all, most of us ran out of water, and some were cramping up like crazy. However, I would like to thank Joe for leading the group and for being patient with me. Let’s just say I complained quite a bit…Here’s a helmet cam video that I took with the Vholdr. I wish I had more footage of the better single track, but my batteries died…bummer, but enjoy!

Sycamore Canyon Ride from RL Policar on Vimeo.

9 Replies to “Sycamore Canyon Ride Report”

  1. LOL. Wow RL. That is A LOT of air you got there – so high it seems to be up high in the clouds..hahaha.
    Good times indeed. I really enjoyed myself out there. I am looking forward to more relaxed vibe rides – much needed.
    And props to Ian for being a good sport out there. That was one heavy bike but he held his own!
    I can’t wait for our next fun ride! šŸ˜€

  2. RL and Co.
    I appreciate the fact that you really enjoy just riding your bikes. Everyone of your rides looks like fun, keep it up. Thanks

  3. If only I could ride all year round… being in New England makes winter riding almost impossible. I can’t wait for a few warm days and no more snow! You lucky people you! =P

  4. Hey, you asked and gave an opinion. You didn’t ask if my opinion would be truly informed. I didn’t see much difference between that and the Fully loop, cept the climbs are shorter and more frequent. Was I wrong? Well now you know my judgment on SS riding. Haha. Much Love!!

  5. I’m new to this site, it looks great. I would like to hook up and ride with some of you guys someday. Where is Sycamore Canyon? I live in Rancho Cucamonga and do lots of riding at Marshall Canyon in LaVerne, CA.

  6. Steve,
    Sycamore Canyon is in Riverside, roughly across the 215 from March Air Force Base. I am sure these guys will get in touch with you. Look forward to riding with you.

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