Review: Grease Monkey Wipes

Grease Monkey Wipes had sent us some samples to test. Here’s what we found out.

I applied some bearing grease to my hand. I can’t stand bearing grease, its hard to get off and even after you wash your hands out, there’s still a bit of a residue.

Opened up the wipe.

Started wiping…

Viola! This stuff works! No grease residue. The grease gets trapped into the wipe.

What I liked about the wipes was the grease cutting properties of the citrus based degreaser. Not only did you feel clean, but you smelled great too.

Though its a degreaser, I had also used the wipes after a dusty night ride to clean my self up before going to grab some beer with the team. The wipes didn’t dry out my hands, all it did was clean me up and leave me feeling fresh.


Grease Monkey Wipes are $1 each and are sold in packs of 6, 12, 18, or a box of 24.

For more information about Grease Monkey Wipes, just visit their website.