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New for 2009, the GA1 is a specific all mountain grip. Using the knowledge gained in the development of the GE1, the GA1 features a sculpted shape, and various textures to offer many of the advantages of our platform grips, in situations where absolute freedom of movement is called for. Securely bolted down with a slim aluminum clamp, available in two sizes, and three colours. Ergonomics aren’t just for XC or Endurance riders

ergon ga1
Price:around $30.

I received a pair of the Ergon AM grips from our friends and team sponsor, Ergon USA. We first saw these at the 2009 Sea Otter Classic and Jeffery Neal (Ergon USA BIG Queso) asked me to try them out and see how I liked them.

I mounted the grips on the the KHS XCT 555 and it immediately raised the cool factor of the bike. I totally dig white on bikes, clothes, shoes, snow, clouds and in food…white rice is my favorite. Anyhow, The Ergon AM grips are super easy to install, and it has a very strong collar to prevent it from slipping out of the bar or rotating on their own.

I installed them according to the directions and when I grabbed a handful of grip, you definitely feel a huge difference between the Ergon AM grips and standard grips. For one, standard grips are cylindrical and don’t contour to your hands natural shape and could easily cause some pain or numbness during a ride.
ergon ga1
If you carefully look at the grips, you’ll notice they are not entirely shaped like a cylinder. Nope, they have some character to them where it has raise and lowered portions of the grip where you hand’s ergonomic needs are met.

So how do they feel right when you grab them, felt good. They leave you feeling like your hand is full…does that make sense? Ok, think of it this way, place a pencil into your hand, then grab a large Sharpie or one of those Crayola Markers…feel the difference? Do you see how much fuller the marker feels in your hand compared to the pencil. Well that’s about the same feeling you get with the Ergon AM grips, but better. It basically I felt like I had more grip and surface area in my hand. Don’t get me wrong, these grips aren’t fat in circumference, no! They just feel way better than regular grips.
ergon ga1 grips
What I also liked about the grips was the dual density design. Much like other Ergon grips, these babies have an upper section for a bit of cushion and dampening, and the other side is textured so your fingers do not slip.

Lows-Can we get real for minute? I have to be honest, cuz’ I’m keepin’ it REEEAAALLL. The first 2 rides I had with the Ergon AM grips, my hands ached. I wasn’t sure exactly why, but my guess is that they were not used to the shape of the grip. But after my 3rd ride, I had gotten used to them and no longer ache, in fact, they feel pretty good.

Summary-The Ergon AM Grips are wicked hot. They look great and they feel awesome. I’ve installed this on the bike that I use for everything. So that means these grips have been in riding conditions such as XC and Downhill, and you know what, even after a bad crash on the DH course in Fontana, they still feel and look awesome. So that means if you’re tired of the same uncomfy grips that are available, try out the Ergon GA1, heck try out any of their grips, you won’t be disappointed.

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