Guess who’s back!

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Fresh from a warranty vacation with a fresh rear triangle –

We can rebuild him, we can make him better….

My Intense Tracer, awaiting a rebuild this weekend, along with a new Crank Bros Joplin R.  This is now my “light” bike, a Titus El Guapo serves as my “big” bike and the KHS Lucky 7 is the “DH/Shuttle” bike.  It’s official, I’m addicted.  I can’t wait to ride the Tracer again, it’s been just under a month, but felt like forever!

Share your story, what bike/component has had you stoked like a kid at Christmas?  Was it something you had ordered and were waiting for in the mail?  An ebay find that took forever to arrive?  A new product you anxiously awaited for it to come to market?  Isn’t it amazing how one new component can make you eagerly await a ride you’ve done a hundred times?

3 thoughts on “Guess who’s back!

  1. When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted this grip/throttle you put on your handle bars and when you twist the throttle, it makes a motorcycle sound…

    At one point someone was selling them on Amazon…but now they are sold out…

  2. ” what bike/component has had you stoked like a kid at Christmas?”

    Seriously, I get this way every time I order anything or win any bike stuff off Ebay. It’s an addiction!

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