I am a sucker for good marketing

Interbike was about one month ago to the day. As I walked around the Sands Expo, I had heard so many pitches and schpeels about why this and that product was far more superior than the other. I especially love the companies that have a new item where perhaps there really don’t have any competition. When they start telling you all about their goods you start to nod and agree why you need their product and how it will change your life.

I’m the same way with Infomercials….oh boy do I love me some RonCo…”Just set it and forget it!”

What about the Magic Bullet, we actually have one, but we didn’t buy it. My sister inlaw gave it to us since the Infomercial gaver her a 2 for 1 price on the deal. Even though I use this thing, everytime I see the commercial…I STILL watch it!

Ok, going back to bikes…or at least bike related. I swear, once a sales person starts to talk and tell my why their products are great…I’m hooked. I then start day dreaming of having this item and how it would make my life so much more fulfilling. And if I hear someone telling that the product that I am infatuated with is no good, oh man, you better hold me back! I’d go Kung Fu Crazy on that person for saying such nonsense!

Here’s the thing with me personally. I have brand loyalty in my blood. Basically that means that if I’m riding a brand X bike…then that brand is the schiznitz. No matter how many times this brand X bike breaks down, or fails on me, I’m still loyal to it. It’s to the point where its unhealthy. Just ask the people I ride with. There have been many times where I held up the group because I was messing around with my brand X bike before the ride. So there I would be trying to make the air shock or fork to hold air or tightening the crank arms so they wouldn’t fall off. But at the end of the day…I still love brand X.

However, my loyalty to brand x soon ends once I meet brand Y…and they start telling me how their product is the bestest dur eva waz. So if anything, I love marketers. I love the show, the glitz and the effort they put into making products shinny, glamorous and fabulous.

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