I just…(blanked)…myself!

So the other day I was talking to a shop employee who was definitely into bikes. He started talking about the new Marzocchi forks and what not. I don’t even recall what he was saying until he tells me that he “just jizzed” himself when he saw this new fandangled fork.

Mind you, this isn’t the first time someone told me that they just messed themselves when they saw a new fancy schmancy product to hit the market. There was another time when a former wrench was telling me all about a 29er frame and while he was explaining the great things about this frame…he would roll back his eyes…make gestures as if he’s pleasuring himself, at the same time making that hmm donut Homer Simpson noise…

Here’s what I don’t get…why do guys do that? I’ve never heard of a female talking about how she just got an “O” when she saw a new product. If anything these dorks that do that look so dumb…and perverted. So what’s the moral? Well, keep bikes and your sexual desires separated!