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Last Sunday, Team Racers, Kim Finch and Priscilla Policar were in attendance for the finals of the US Cup “Unification” Race.

The girls had an awesome support system that consisted of 4 people. That included yours truly, David Sanderson, Joe Solancho and Kym (Joe’s main squeeze). Through out the course the girls had someone encouraging them from the team.

This race was a very difficult event for the girls. We had practiced the course the week before, but unknowing to us, the race course was reversed…so that meant tons of climbing.

Kim and Priscilla started of strong. They were at least in the top 5 of the beginner women riders. However, an unfortunate event happened. Priscilla was trying to make a corner and went over the bars. It was either crash or fall off the trail (20 foot drop). But like a trooper, she got back on her bike and kept going.

Kim took home a 1st place in the race and 1st in the US Cup Overalls. Congrats Kim!

Watch this video and you’ll see that the feed zone was a clear indication that the riders were miserable…

US Cup at Bonelli Park with from RL Policar on Vimeo.

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