Interbike 2009 – Foes Bikes

Below are some pictures of Brent Foes’ bikes. He has always made one of the best looking bikes… but I think he’s made his masterpiece. Check out the custom trike and the hottie modeling it! 🙂

2E8J0231 by you.

2E8J0230 by you.Long travel beaut!

2E8J0223 by you.check out the top tube

2E8J0224 by you.…and the custom stem/handlebar/gnurled grips combo

2E8J0225 by you.The baddest little trike – double clamp fork!!!

2E8J0227 by you.                         welding on the top tube…

2E8J0228 by you.check the axles…

2E8J0226 by you.                          Grrrr….

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